We are conscious of the impact a business like ours has on the social and physical environment. Through recycling, sourcing local food where possible and reducing the amount of food going to waste, we are careful to provide our customers and employees with a more sustainable approach to their daily feasting.


We source, where possible, local, seasonal food because it tastes better, has travelled fewer food miles and offers optimal nutrient benefits.


We source accredited ingredients for our recipes wherever we can. Our milk is British and organic and sourced through ethical trade partners accredited by the Soil Association and the Organic farmers and Growers Association. Our kale is British and carries the Red Tractor accreditation so is traceable from field to fork, and our unique Arabica blend coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified and fairly traded.


We have used as many sustainable materials in the construction of many of our stores. This has included amongst many other things, biofa natural paint made from raw, renewable, non-toxic materials; recycled glass counters; floor tiles made with 40% recycled materials; sustainably sourced FSC certified timber; some of our table tops are made from recycled yoghurt pots and some of our furniture is recycled British vintage.


We serve all our dishes in widely recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging….boxes, bags, napkins, cutlery… the lot. In 2018 we sourced paper straws and therefore in under a year have saved over 145,000 plastic straws from being used!

Waste Reduction

Before any leftover food reaches the bin, we offer it half price to our customers in the last hour before we close. Beyond this, over 98% of our rubbish is recycled. Any waste food is largely processed through anaerobic digestion to create renewable energy, or incinerated creating electricity with the bottom ash used again in creating construction aggregates. Other waste is sorted and either incinerated creating refuse-derived fuel or recycled and our staff bring their own coffee cup to work, cutting down on the wasteful use of packaging.

Healthy Living Philosophy

We invest in our people providing training, legendary Summer & Christmas parties, succession plans and support. It’s one of our core values to ensure our people are the best they can be.