Paperless receipts and digital loyalty

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Back in April we launched a trial partnership with Flux for digital loyalty cards and paperless receipts across all our stores. We’re delighted to confirm that we’ll be partnering with Flux on an ongoing basis for paperless receipts. We’re impressed with how quickly customers get their receipts and are excited to see more and more customers going paperless every month.

Regarding loyalty, despite the positive feedback given by some customers, we’ve found card-linked loyalty to be restrictive, as customers need specific bank accounts to benefit. We removed our paper loyalty card due to environmental and operational challenges but we understand that moving from paper loyalty to card-linked loyalty was a difficult adjustment for some of our customers.

This means as of Friday 12th October you cannot begin a new pod loyalty card with Flux. All existing customers will have their loyalty cards honoured. Any customer with an existing loyalty cards will see that it immediately shows as complete. That means your next egg purchase will be free as long as you make your purchase within the next 8 weeks.

The future of digital loyalty is of great interest to our team and we’re committed to remaining paperless whilst developing a best in class digital solution and rewarding our most loyalty customers.

Stay tuned!