Spring has sprung

The whispers are true, we have been working ferociously in the kitchens to make the best, the most perfect spring menu just for you.more

Upgrade your Catering with our mouth watering menu

Calling all office workers! Do you live in fear of the audible stomach rumble mid-meeting? Are you tired of the same dull tuna sandwich and dry biscuits during that endless board meeting? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to check out our delicious new catering menu.more

Hello new winter menu

2017 brings us a new year, new opportunities and most excitingly, a brand spanking new menu designed to support you and your 2017 goals. Over here our number one goal is to make our food so utterly delicious that you can’t get enough of eating well. And we’ve only gone and done it… We’ve got 17 (yes, 17!) exciting new dishes. Dairy free, vegan or high protein, we’ve got it. more

The Laura Kenny Eating Plan

At Pod we’re passionate about health and fitness, so we’re determined to help you keep your New Year resolutions, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. As Britain’s top female gold medal winner Laura Kenny knows a thing or two about healthy eating and staying in shape.more

Take a Bao!

As the latest food trend hurricane sweeps through London, we’re ecstatic to bring our very own, unbelievably delicious Bao buns to your table. ‘Bao Bao’ in Taiwanese means ‘wrapped treasure’ and our sweet fluffy bun recipes are certainly gold standard.more


People of Covent Garden, how lucky you are! We have spread our wings and landed on Upper St Martin’s Lane to offer you the best breakfast, lunch and dinner in the West End district. more


Nothing makes us smile quite like a steaming bowl of delicious soup with a breadstick for dunking, on a chilly Autumn day. Our chef Sean has been chopping, stirring and simmering recipes all summer to create London’s best new range of soups, from a Pulled Pork Goulash to a Perfect Pea and Chorizo. Every day, there will be two new soups for you to choose from as well as a Singapore Chicken Laksa which is so good, we couldn’t take it off the menu for a second. more

Kingsway pod is now open

We’re thrilled that the doors to pod number 23 are officially open, and needless to say, you are going to love it. more

New Summer Menu | New Summer Adventures

Inspired by our culinary adventures from around the globe, our new summer menu brings you Italian flare, Indonesian refreshers and Indian flavour sensations to transform your lunchtimes into exotic mini breaks. more

The Pod-uctivity Report

Our determination here at pod to continue to push the boundaries of healthy food and create delicious breakfasts and lunches led to a study – ‘the pod-uctivity report’ - of what can help workers perform better and be more productive. more

Staff Benefits Stick Post National Living Wage Increase

Smiling is infectious, so we do our best to make sure all our wonderful staff are smiling all day long, to make you smile too. more


Spring in the natural world is all about sprouting food, plants coming to life, budding trees and new baby animals. This spring, we’re proud to bring you our biggest ever menu overflowing with ‘new’, to chime with nature. Think colour, street food, delicious ingredient combinations and excellent value for health, and money. All thanks to our talented food director, Sean.more


We’re excited to bring you our Hot Lunch Legends menu, freshly cooked to keep you in tip top condition as you charge through the last winter chills towards spring ease… more

Welcome to pod's pedals - our new delivery bike

Our well established fresh food delivery service feeds hundreds of hungry workers in their offices each day. When important breakfast or lunch meetings pop up, or your department is tied to the desk working to a deadline, you can log on, choose your dishes or select some group platters and await a delivery of handmade, fresh, nutritious food to your door, at a time that suits you. more

Best Lunchtime Menu on the High Street Award

Over 200 guests attended the Lunch Business Grab & Go 2015 awards held in Moorgate, London, where pod were thrilled to win the award for the ‘Best Lunchtime Menu on the High Street’.more